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Group Coaching

Synergy of Self – Bringing all of you to all you do!

Here’s the truth – you already posses everything you need to create your very best life.  What becomes possible when you embrace all of who you are? Together we will explore what giving yourself full permission looks like.  We will uncover the distinct parts of your identity you can lean on more fully to face life’s challenges with integrity and confidence.

Deciding to Decide – Getting Unstuck and On With Your Life!

Life is a series of decisions.  This workshop is designed to get clear on what you really want. What it is going to take for you to let go of indecision and get moving in the direction of your dreams!? Together we will find out. Walk away trusting yourself more fully and with practical step by step decision making skills.

Living a Life on FIRE – Discover what LIGHTS you UP!

When are you happiest?  When are you the most fun for others to be around?  What do you want more of?  How can you take the life you already have and add more of what makes you smile from the inside out to every moment of it?  Explore the unique expression of your personal values and create action designed to bring more fulfillment to your wonderful life!

For more information or to book a workshop or to join a 6 week group coaching session contact Alexis at alexis@fullyignited.com