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About Me

I help highly ambitious professionals, entrepreneurs and artists discover who they want to BE while they DO what they REALLY want to do – and get PAID!

I am passionate about closing the gap between capability and actualization in service of powerful positive change  – NOW!


Alexis Martin, B.A., CPCC,  is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and a certified Co-Active Coach in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She brings a keen interest in Positive Psychology, combined with formal coaching and leadership training from The Coaches Training Institute to both her one on one coaching clients as well as organizations of all sizes. Alexis specializes in Leadership Development and is committed to more fully igniting the leader within everyone she meets. Alexis creates a dynamic Co-Active Coaching relationship designed to fully support you as you uncover your highest and most powerful self. She is passionate about people living a life they love while engaging new ways of thinking and creating possibility with ease and fun.