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The Truth {Hurts} Heals

On questioning your assumptions and creating your own truth


Think of a particularly contentious situation in your life right now.  Perhaps it is one where you feel very stuck, powerless or afraid.  Perhaps it is a conflict you are currently experiencing with a loved one, a co-worker or a friend.  Perhaps it is a way in which you feel you have been continually letting yourself down.  It may seem like all the evidence is suggesting you are incapable of accomplishing what needs to happen in this situation.


Luckily that simply is never true.  Are you ready to get unstuck?

Follow me.

Take a deep breath. Sit up straight or better yet, get up on both feet, plant them firmly and allow your body, then your mind and finally your heart to take up as much space as you can possibly allow.

Now ask yourself these three powerful questions.

What IS true?

When you truly check in with yourself about what you KNOW to be true, there is no room for assumptions.  You cannot decide anything on behalf of others.  All you can know is your own truth. This question creates space for you to differentiate between  actual events that have occurred and the assumptions you have made about what those events mean. When you get real with yourself about what is absolutely unquestionable true, there is NO ROOM for negative self talk, or words like “never” and “always” that limit and defeat us.

What FEELS true?

This is the space to explore your assumptions. What have you made up is going on? Bringing your awareness here allows you to choose if this thought pattern is serving you or if it is something you are willing to let go of.  Often we make assumptions to protect ourselves. Our assumptions may be designed to justify our actions or explain the ways in which we are right.  Likely when we are busy making ourselves right we are making others wrong.  What feels true are valid and important thoughts, but it is important to differentiate THE truth from your OWN truth. When we are fully aware of the parts of the story we have made up, we are empowered to create a new story. We have the power to change and are changing what feels true to us in every given moment.

What do I WANT to be true?

When we ask ourselves what we WANT to be true – suddenly the limiting, self-defeating thoughts that trap us fade away.  Perhaps it feels true that your boss is a stubborn pig headed idiot – but do you WANT this to be true?  Can you KNOW this is true? The answer is probably a resounding “No”.  So, what is it that you do want to be true?  When we get clear on what we want to be true, we are much more likely to take actions towards creating that truth.  We naturally begin writing the story we’d prefer to experience.

So…..what feels true about your quagmire now?


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