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FEEL IT! Feel it Real Good!

On using your emotions as a compass to navigate through life.

I am an “emoter”.   I feel everything and I cannot help but express what I am feeling. I have always been a person that cries easily, and laughs even more easily.  My emotions radiate through my body.   I am a crier.  I cry when I learn something new that excites me.  I cry when I witness other people in their power, owning their magnificence or letting go of a painful story.  I cry when I am filled with joy, gratitude or peace.  I cry when I am speaking from my heart. I cry when I am frustrated, disappointed or afraid.  I feel with all of me.

I used to make my emotions wrong.  I used to think that crying meant I was weak or broken.  I used to tell people: “just think of it as my eyes watering like an allergic reaction to emotion” .  I felt I needed to “justify this behaviour and find a way to make others more comfortable with it. Our society is not particularly comfortable with crying or with feelings in general.  We make up all kinds of stories about what is going on for someone who is crying. So I decided it was my job to stuff my emotions.  To hide what I was experiencing.  To learn how to “get over it” – quickly before anyone saw.  This robbed me of my authenticity.  I was so caught up in avoiding the uncomfortable feelings I wasn’t able to tune into the wisdom they offered.

As a coach I have discovered how important allowing, expressing and experiencing emotion is.  There is unbelievable wisdom in our emotion.  They let us know when we are out of integrity with ourselves, when we are standing more fully in our power, when our values are being trampled and when we have created an authentic connection with another human being.  Emotions are our compass to help navigate through life.

When I began to stay with my emotions and just “notice” them without making them right or wrong, I stopped writing an elaborate story of what they meant about me, or my circumstance.  I discovered what a wonderful gift emotions are.  I saw that when I put my effort into avoiding the uncomfortable emotions they got all swirly-wirly and impossible to make sense of.  But if I STAYED with them, unpacked them and asked myself which ones were based in truth and which ones were coming out of assumptions I had made, I was far more at choice about what to do with the emotion I was experiencing.  I am now able to use them as a tool in decision making.  I am more able to take risks, to go places I know will stir up emotion that I used to want to avoid, trusting I can stay, knowing that everything I get to feel is a gift, a lesson and an opportunity to understand myself and my world more fully.

I have a new word for experiencing emotion – ALIVENESS!

Happy being fully ALIVE to you!

Here’s a little jam to get you in the mood to emote!  

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