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No More Should-ing!

On Creating Action by Shifting Your “Shoulds” into “Wants”

I really should…….I should be……..I should have…….more often then not we are operating under a should mentality.

I believe it is Tony Robbins who refers to this as “Should-ing all over yourself”. It is a poopy, but all too common, way of thinking. As your mind leads with should you are simply more likely to experience resistance and much less likely to do the thing you are telling yourself you SHOULD do.

Try it out.

Think about a few of the things you have been telling yourself you should do.

Notice the sensations you begin to experience. Perhaps a heaviness?  A sense of overwhelm or disappointed? A nuance of failure? Or maybe its just a neutral sensation of complacency because this is your default way of thinking.  None are great places to create action from.

When we tell ourselves we SHOULD be doing anything it creates a pressure, a burden an undercurrent of not being at choice that is inherent with that dialogue.

So…try this on for size…..

The next time you hear yourself say I should ___________. Pause. Start the thought over with I WANT  _______________.

I hear it!  “BUT most of me really doesn’t WANT to go to the gym, write that e-mail, do that laundry, wash those dishes, complete that project right now.”  I get it.  But check this out.  Take it one step further :

I WANT to______________________ because__________________.

You would not be telling yourself you SHOULD be doing anything unless there was some compelling nugget of a reason to get it done.  When you connect yourself to the value, the outcome, the place that created the original desire you also unleash the storage of energy, of positivity, of purpose that will propel you into action with a much more powerful perspective.

So quiet the voice that tells you all the reasons why not and the voice that says you simply HAVE TO do anything and ask yourself what is it about this action I WANT to do.

Happy Being In Action To You!

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