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Is your Mind Working Overtime?

On Letting go and Remembering Your Purpose.

I recently attended a yoga class that was far more challenging than I had previously experienced.  I found myself getting bogged down with all the things that I simply could not do.  I feared that the yoga instructor was going to think that I was not trying. I feared others would be distracted by me.  I was flustered and felt confused and out of place and distracted.  I felt caught in the middle of a downward spiral of self doubt and unrealistic expectations.   I was feeling quite the opposite of in love with myself.  Have you ever felt that way as you stepped out of your comfort zone?

I have come to learn (although I often need to remind myself) that when I am in the middle of that vortex of negative thought, it is because my mind is working over time.  When we give all the power to our thoughts, and forget about the wisdom of our hearts and the power of our body, overwhelm sets in.

When I remembered the purpose of my yoga practice (to rest my mind and strengthen my body) I was able to quiet my thoughts and accomplish exactly what I set out to do.  My body took over and eased itself into the exact version of each pose  it is capable of. I did not need to decide if it was “good enough”.  The truth is, it was better than my mind could have ever created it being.  No, I did not miraculously develop the ability to stand on my head, but the deeper connection to the experience of yoga that unfolded felt like nothing short of a miracle.

So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or out of place or flustered or confused – take a moment to get out of your head and into your heart. My guess is that there you will find out what you know to be true and what you want to create.  And if your mind still wants to run the show, here are some powerful questions to steer it in the right direction : What was my intention in taking on this challenge?  How can I be more in alignment with that purpose? What am I learning RIGHT NOW?  Isn’t life wonderful?


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